I am Elena, an Italian girl, passionate about aesthetics since I was a child.
Born and raised in a little mountain village.
After finishing my professional studies I started working at some renowned Italian spas.

In 2015 I moved to London where I worked in various beauty centers to increase my knowledge and absorb all the news on beauty and wellness.

After a couple of years I was recruited for the opening of a luxury hotel for a big company in central London where I had the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, this gave me the courage to start my business.

I decided to open my Beauty Room in order to express my greatest passion: the beauty and personal care at 360 degrees.

I believe that everyone is beautiful with their own imperfections, we just have to learn to give us time to dedicate to ourselves, to our body, to listen to our needs, especially in a city where everything runs fast …

In our salon you can take advantage of everything you need, one place to get everything done and to find your natural beauty.

When I met Daniele I immediately understood that there could have been a great collaboration together, the same passion, the same values, the same professionalism.

Let’s rock your beauty and roll your hair!